‘The Saturday Shift’ by Salena Godden

The Saturday Shift I’m trying to read a Jonathan Franzen article, his opinion of culture and despair. Bottom line is, he says, we just don’t read enough. There are two old ladies in this afternoon with frazzled, dried-apricot hair. They’re ordering double vodkas, with homeopathic splashes of lemonade. I’m having a glass of red, and chain smoking. It’s a warm September afternoon but I bet … Continue reading ‘The Saturday Shift’ by Salena Godden

‘Status’ by Raymond Antrobus

  Status When you find out your dad had a heart attack, you wonder if you should update your Facebook. You wonder if one parent less should be your status. Maybe you change your profile picture, upload one of you in your dad’s arms as a white cotton baby, where his face is a bright heart                              smiling into your black newborn eyes. People … Continue reading ‘Status’ by Raymond Antrobus