Three collage poems by Helen Ivory

        Helen Ivory is a poet and assemblage artist. Her fourth Bloodaxe Books collection is the semi-autobiographical Waiting for Bluebeard (May 2013). She has co-edited with George Szirtes In Their Own Words: Contemporary Poets on their Poetry (Salt 2012). She edits the webzine Ink Sweat and Tears and is tutor and Course Director for the new UEA/Writers Centre Norwich online creative writing … Continue reading Three collage poems by Helen Ivory

‘Window, Honley’ by Niall Campbell

  Window, Honley by Niall Campbell The village bell’s been broken for a month, sounding a flat, wrecked chime to the main hour; the clapper between its iron walls sung out, so I’ll ask what time matters anyway: just light, less light, and dark; the going off of milk or love; our tides claimed back: weed rafts, green wood and all; those old wolves disappearing … Continue reading ‘Window, Honley’ by Niall Campbell

A poem by Kona Macphee

  Poem for Lily Song For Chris, i.m. Lily   When January takes up residence in curt encampments all about the Summer Palace, daily the shield of ice across the lake is thickened by another ward of frost; and though the fishermen on wide-legged stools each morning re-inflict the round incisions night has thinly healed, and drop to black their importuning lines, there will be … Continue reading A poem by Kona Macphee

‘Vermeer’s Milk Maid’ by Esther Morgan

Vermeer’s Milk Maid I want to steal this picture – the stillness of the girl’s averted face as she concentrates on a ribbon of milk, oblivious of my presence. This is a moment of balance, like the rounded belly of the pitcher hefted in her palm, the endless shift of weight from vessel to vessel. It’s like observing someone at prayer – my mother framed … Continue reading ‘Vermeer’s Milk Maid’ by Esther Morgan