‘High Society’ by Ian Humphreys

  Inside the camphorwood chest – forgotten treasure: a pair of leather cowboy boots with metal toe caps. How they shone. As loud, proud and polished as the men                         they sparked a trail through. Three decades of dust can’t hide the cracks. A genie-rub conjures up swirls of dry ice, the wink of the glitter ball, and the Night Fever dance floor, a chequerboard                            where … Continue reading ‘High Society’ by Ian Humphreys

‘The lucky little girls’ by Claire Askew

The valley was filled with things that should have frightened us: leeches in the Bowmont, ticks clinging in the grass. Combines dipping like warships through the ripe wheat, green clouds over Kelsocleuch, their guyropes of lightning. Nothing was forbidden but the ruined shepherd’s cottage on the Law, the gubbed skull of its walls like a smudge in the high trees. It felt like miles from … Continue reading ‘The lucky little girls’ by Claire Askew

‘Ship-breaking’ by Hannah Lowe

Ship-breaking These folks were not the victims of migration…these folks mean to survive – Stuart Hall I watch old films of ship yards on the Clyde: cranes ripping ships apart, their metal hides peeled back by men in goggles wielding fire. The shock of innards: girders, joists and wires, a rusted funnel toppling in slow motion. Those open flanks rain down the cabin’s foreign detritus … Continue reading ‘Ship-breaking’ by Hannah Lowe