Two poems by Degna Stone

  Blackface Live Theatre, Newcastle. 3 December 2016 It’s the sucker punch of an actor walking onstage wearing blackface; the roar from the audience as they piss themselves laughing. The vocabulary has shifted but the old problems remain. I was a fool to think that we’d been moving forward when we were only ever standing still.   Weighing of the Heart When John Dark held … Continue reading Two poems by Degna Stone

‘Mal’ by Anita Pati

Mal Them dogs won’t touch us three. On Pendle Hill, no wind can whip us, no brack of clouds from Chorley pall us. Look. Dogs here are bogbounce happy, kiddies snuffing balls and whatnot near Malkin, families tripping from the corrugated towns. They skirl around me, my own dog Whistler: springer spaniels, border collies, Sunday walkers flush-cheeked fed. Proud marchers in their slimy wellies, clodding … Continue reading ‘Mal’ by Anita Pati

Poems by Women Poets of Colour at And Other Poems

New work will be posted to this site in 2015. In the meantime, here is some work from the archives for you to enjoy (with thanks to Up the Staircase for inspiring this post): Amali Rodrigo Chimera Lay Cristina Navazo-Eguía Newton Hannah Lowe Jennifer Wong Karen McCarthy Woolf Lamorna Elmer Lizzy Dijeh Mona Arshi Moniza Alvi Rowyda Amin Theresa Muñoz Continue reading Poems by Women Poets of Colour at And Other Poems

‘The Ever Changing Dot’ by Roger Robinson

For Stuart Hall   There’s an idea, an image in the centre of your forehead a dot, much like a bindi of the mind. As you talk from your lectern, images project on the white wall behind, sodden with meaning, changing as you speak. Look now at the black athlete on the podium. Deeply veined muscles wrapped in red, white and blue. Standing, on an … Continue reading ‘The Ever Changing Dot’ by Roger Robinson

‘The Last Supper in Grand Asaba’ by Lizzy Dijeh

  The Last Supper in Grand Asaba Odogwu’s* feast had won, everyone jumbled into Uncle’s car, fingers fitting from tanks of grounded coffee. Our round bellies lunged over buttons like slumped canyons, a town of flies seemed to hypnotise the mouth of swollen sky denting the roof of the car, a fan of floating moths cooled us. We were almost happy, the kind with rubber … Continue reading ‘The Last Supper in Grand Asaba’ by Lizzy Dijeh

Two poems by Rowyda Amin

Desert Sunflowers While they waited for the weather to turn, Fermi offered wagers on the odds of igniting the atmosphere and destroying the earth or just New Mexico. Teller made them nervous, slapping on the sunscreen. Oppenheimer wore dark glasses like the rest and held onto a post with damp hands. He had ten dollars on them failing. In the control centre, Allison counted down … Continue reading Two poems by Rowyda Amin