‘McQueen’s Dress’ by Anna-May Laugher

McQueen’s Dress by Anna-May Laugher Caught mid-step her arch a slow burning arc. This foot imposed upon to hold, distribute           weight. This dress, an imposition on the skin, woman made vitreous, made avian. Her collar of slides for a microscope, each painted red continues down her spine; creates a carapace of broken views which hold as well as light – her moods. After Alexander McQueen … Continue reading ‘McQueen’s Dress’ by Anna-May Laugher

‘Degas Wants to Paint Me Ironing’ by Anna-May Laugher

Degas Wants to Paint Me Ironing He says it’s wonderful to watch me, I’ll just bet it is when I’m the one who’s working. He’s going to pay me, pay me to pretend and now that I’m pretending I have time to wonder how my ironing has changed. First with little flutters of the heart, rounding the collars, love details for the man, the loved … Continue reading ‘Degas Wants to Paint Me Ironing’ by Anna-May Laugher