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Poems in Translation from the archives which you might enjoy.   Alvin Pang – (untitled haiku in Chinese and English) and other poems   ‘Monsoon’ by Andrew F Giles after Neruda   ‘Ghazal’ after Agha Shahid Ali by Aviva Dautch   Federico García Lorca – Ian Duhig – Carlos López Beltrán & Pedro Serrano – an adventure in translation! Spanish – English – Spanish   … Continue reading Poems in translation at And Other Poems

‘Religion’ by Alvin Pang

    Religion by Alvin Pang It’s always the Big Ideas that get personified: Death, Wisdom, Eternity, their capital letters lining up in the cold marble halls of the unconscious.   You can tell by the flowing beard and grand costumed gestures; the banners and fanfare in stanza after stanza of classical poetry, centuries of fat burghers posing in portraits as the God of Fortune, … Continue reading ‘Religion’ by Alvin Pang