A poem by Gill McEvoy

    Kingfisher, Bachelors Bridge, Caldy Valley, Chester Perfect, this bridge, for leaning on the dipped curves in its steel patterned with dragonfly and frog. Perfect for watching the reflection of three willow trees: ridged bark pleats green water. Perfect for the bed of yellow flags in the mud-marsh at its edge, for a Labrador to leap into its pool. Exactly right for that rare … Continue reading A poem by Gill McEvoy

Three poems by Stephen Elves

Moorings An ancient tub, long lost to shoaling grounds, nestles in the ooze by a peeling barge, ropes slack to the task of tethering them to an indifferent jetty. Each turn of the tide floats the possibility of tugging at knots, splintering restraint, waking the devil in the engine room and sailing away, prow-high, sea-skimmed, poles apart, adrift on oceans of old freedoms far from … Continue reading Three poems by Stephen Elves