‘Rendezvous’ by Carole Bromley

  Rendezvous after Dennis O’Driscoll I am in Stonegate expecting to meet you at 4 You are in The Shambles expecting to meet me at 4 I have shopping bags that lengthen my arms you have Jonathan on your shoulders It’s Christmas and I’m Dreaming blasts out from Ye Olde Starre Inn In Giovanni’s doorway a busker sings Jingle Bells flat cap at his feet … Continue reading ‘Rendezvous’ by Carole Bromley

‘Winding the Clocks’ by Carole Bromley

  Winding the Clocks Each night you do the rounds, like a lover who keeps faith after the loved one’s gone; I guess it’s at the root of all you do. I’m thinking this as you set the alarm, lock the front door, hoist the pendulum; it falls to you now to wind the grandfather in the hall, your arm in the mahogany case your … Continue reading ‘Winding the Clocks’ by Carole Bromley