‘Prodigals’: Four sonnets by Martin Malone

Prodigals Friday Night: 9:30 The cancelled train of last week’s lost high now behind us, we ease deep into chairs, each snugging the glove of shared hunger. Our deferred pleasure in escape declares itself open for business with a glass of good wine and a glance that reads my returning gaze. We let minutes pass in this way, just us looking, here in Leeds in … Continue reading ‘Prodigals’: Four sonnets by Martin Malone

‘Wood On The Downs’ by Martin Malone

Wood On The Downs After Paul Nash   We have been here before. Uffington, Hackpen, Grim’s Ditch, Ogbourne St.George, Wayland’s Smithy, Sparshott Firs, Bishopstone and Barbury; all the trodden way from Overton to Beacon Hill. Each place its genius loci, a favourite colour: Ash-Blue, Ochre, Payne’s Grey, Terra-Verte, Lamp Black, Sienna. But today you ditch your winter tones and bid for late spring. The trees … Continue reading ‘Wood On The Downs’ by Martin Malone