More poems to read in these special And Other Poems features:
Waves of Holiday Poems
August 2013. Following an open call for holiday-themed poems, a tremendous response brought the following poems to the And Other Poems inbox.
First Wave of Holiday Poems – Poems by Anna Kisby, E.E. Nobbs, Colin Dardis, Kathryn Maris, Meg Cox, EM Reapy, Jennie Osborne, Colin Will, Rebecca Goss, Ian Duhig.
Another Wave of Holiday Poems – Poems by Rebecca Perry, Amy Key, Stephen Bone, Valerie Morton, Fiona Ritchie Walker, Jonathan Taylor, Jadine Eagle, Sarah James, Wendy Klein, Alison Lock, Karen Dennison.
New Wave of Poems: Holiday poems by Martin Malone, William Stephenson, Richard Skinner, Magda Kapa, Conor Kelly, Carole Bromley, Sue Dymoke, Kate Garrett, Ailsa Holland, Josephine Corcoran.
Final Wave of Holiday Poems: Poems by Allison McVety, Hilaire, Anthony Wilson, Charlotte Gann, Ailsa Holland, Carole Bromley, Kathy Gee, Julie Maclean, Holly Magill, Susan Utting, Abegail Morley.
Poetry in Horses
In 2014, to celebrate the start of the Chinese Year of the Horse, there was an open call for poems inspired by horses. There was an overwhelming response and it was impossible to post all the poems submitted. Here are the 15 poems I selected:
Poetry in Horses – poems by Jean Atkin, Colin Will, Ailsa Holland, Rebecca Gethin, Ken Taylor

More Poetry in Horses – poems by Alan Buckley, Sarah James, Angela France, Lesley Quayle, James Giddings

More Poetry, More Horses – poems by David Morley, Elinor Brooks, Nikki Magennis, EE Nobbs, Angela Readman