the image is of a faded hydrangea

Two Poems by Purabi Bhattacharya

    Then I was not the antagonist in your fiction   Pine needles. The hill breeze. Take me home. It is winter and this has been a while. This silly disorder- nostalgia   On a plateau purple peppered, mountain harebell stare; I remember brushing with my finger on a canvas as catholic as the sky a dreamland underneath the blue, punctuated by flocks of … Continue reading Two Poems by Purabi Bhattacharya

‘Testimony’ by Fiona Larkin

  Testimony after Alberto Giacometti stark figurine you are here to unpick with your needle-bright point our distinguishing features the whorl of a curl the curve of a lip mother or teacher or classmate flatten to form bare outline as collars wear thin as beads fall unstrung flesh drops away the wolf called attrition called hatred called hunger consumes to the bone a stipple of … Continue reading ‘Testimony’ by Fiona Larkin

from ‘One Hundred Lockdown Sonnets’ by Jacqueline Saphra

  XLI 2nd May ‘Death Map. Interactive coronavirus map lets you find out number of deaths in your postcode.’ The Sun And suddenly it’s fear. He wakes me up at odd hours, pulls me out of bed, he works by stealth, he spikes my morning cup with dark. I drink him like a drug, I dread his silences. Fear speaks in chokes. He knows no … Continue reading from ‘One Hundred Lockdown Sonnets’ by Jacqueline Saphra

‘Tiger in the National Gallery’ by Susan Utting

Tiger in the National Gallery after Henri Rousseau’s “Surprised!” Why surprised? – I’m everywhere: I’m tapestry and marquetry, and Paris hothouse fantasy. I am pelt and roar beneath a rich man’s silk-shod feet, I shoulder-shrug a wealthy woman’s back, clotheshorses catwalk me; glass cases keep me cool and pristine, poems fete me, legends spin me, taxidermy gives me life eternal. And here I am among … Continue reading ‘Tiger in the National Gallery’ by Susan Utting