Index 2017-2021

List of poets and poems featured on this site from 2017 – 2021

Abegail Morley – Assembling
Adam Wyeth – Aisling
Adam Warne – Vandal / Buckle / Never Force Them to Swim / Broccoli
Alasdair Paterson – Bleak House / Snowglobes
Alexandra Citron – Remedy against new hatreds and the common cold / Codicil
Alice Miller – Fourteen Mistakes / Born Breathing
Amlanjyoti Goswami – Standing Up
Angela Carr – Silently, The Women Waited
Ann Leahy – Beyond the Pale
Aoife Lyall – Dublin Puzzle
Ben Bransfield – Dorothy Gale / Becoming a Nose
Beth McDonough – Posted in stone, O’Connell Street
Betty Doyle – Oxytocin
Caleb Parkin – Please Do Not Touch the Walrus or Sit on the Iceberg
Carole Bromley – Teaching Tabitha to Knit
Carol Caffrey – Dair Ghaelach (Irish Oak)
Cat Woodward – extract from a Lyric Sequence
Chaucer Cameron – Praise Be to Unexpected Ways
Cheryl Moskowitz – November in Reykjavík
Cheryl Pearson – The Mermaid Aquarium / The Aerialist
Chloe Balcomb – My Son the Cockroach / Culture
Chrissy Banks – At Castle Neroche / Things My Mother Said
Christina Thatcher – Etching / Hold
Christopher James – The Sandstorm in the Locket
Christopher Lanyon – hug each other at the end of the day, and at the same time check / Ars poetica with dad
Claire Askew – The lucky little girls
Clarissa Aykroyd – Holmes in Florence / Sherlock Holmes in Antarctica
Cliff Yates – Rain on the Conservatory Roof / Glastonbury / Fifteen
Cynthia Miller – The last hour on the flight deck / Drokpa
Dan O’Brien – Extract from a chronicle in poems of living with cancer
Dan Stathers – Coconut John / Lawn Bowlers
David Atkinson – Keep Digging
David Butler – Comhrá na Tríonóide / Trinity Colloquy
David Cooke – The Wren Boy
David Tait – Smog / The Blue / Window Cleaners
David Turner – Taxis on Old Pye Street / being published in The Dizziness of Freedom
Deborah Alma – Morning Song / Flock
Degna Stone – Blackface / Weighing of the Heart
Eleanor Hooker – Songs of the Sea
Elisabeth Sennitt Clough – Potholes / Nocturne with Petrol and Rain
Emily Blewitt – The Fox and the Gravestone
Emma Lee – When Your Name’s Not Smith / Tableau with Gilt
Eve Ellis – The Trauma
Finola Scott – Door to door, Belfast 1969
Fiona Larkin – My Mother’s Reserve / Testimony
Fokkina McDonnell – Blackbird
Gaia Holmes – Feckless / The Lord’s Prayer / Playing Alive
Geraldine Clarkson – UNDERLAND / redress / Biography
Geraldine Snape – Armagh Tellings
Ginny Saunders – Without Trying / Charcoal Self Portrait / Vitruvian Man’s Teenage Daughter does Work Experience
Greg Gilbert – Extract from a sequence of poems / Paper Face (a Sculptural Wish for the Hands)
Hannah Linden – The Cottage in the Wood / Sky Words
Harry Giles – Bloom
Heidi Beck – I Write to You from a Tree Museum
Helen Frame – Three Girls
Helen Kay – Cemetery in Powys
Holly Singlehurst – Witch Burning / The Mackerel (1903)
Humphrey Astley – Movement / Country
Ian Humphreys – High Society
Jack Houston – Comfort / Separate Towers
Jacqueline Saphra – All My Mad Mothers / Virginity / from One Hundred Lockdown Sonnets
Jane Burn – Villanelle to all my Wasted Flesh
Jane Commane – Sand
Jean Atkin – Not there, nearly / Beechmast Year, Knocknutshell Wood / Weathering / The Very End of Old Delph Will
Jean O’Brien – Skinny Dipping
Jennifer Lee Tsai – Breathing / The Valley Spirit Never Dies
Jessica Mookherjee – Mother Tongue / The End of the World
Jill Abram – Aftermath / Sistering
Jim Pascual Agustin – Just This One / Fear, the Official Story
Jo Burns – Swimming in crop circles / Maya’s soliloquy to Pablo
Joanna Ingham – Mother as a list of locations / Nesting
Joel M Toledo – Ruin / Boomerang / Noah’s Couplets
Joe Carrick-Varty – Tree Shaping / Slow Birds
Joey Connolly – A Restaurant / Pacing
Jodie Hollander – The Metronome / Mother’s Persian Rugs / My Dark Horses
John Challis – Horses in Upton Park / Arcade Britannia
John Wheway – The Greatcoat / Discovery
Julia Webb – Radio Nights / street
Karen Leeder – Tell-Tale / in to nature! (poem in translation)
Kate Noakes – Salomé in the mirror / Penelope: identity theft
Kathy Pimlott – The Rookery Redux / Makeshift / As You Are 90, I Must Be 65 / Music and Movement / Mercy
Kevin Cahill – Returning / Astrolabe
Khairani Barokka – medusozoa, neuropathic pain / haiku from prompt
Kirsten Luckins – Semiotics
Laura McKee – Finn MacCool offers his thumb
Laura Scott – To be one of them / Short Story
Leah Umansky – A Real Poem / this is a poem about survival
Leonardo Boix – An Ideal Day / Manger
Liz Lefroy – Beethoven Haus, Bonn / 4/4
Lizzy Turner – Waiting for the thing to lift / Effigies
Lydia Harris – Quadrangular Hand Bell / Fragments from the Codices of the Lives of Scottish Quadrangular Iron Hand Bells
Maggie Sawkins – Destination: Port of New York, 23 December 1929
Maria Isakova Bennett – Cineraria
Mark Fiddes – An Early Swim / The Correct Use of Saints
Mark Granier – Elephant Place / Tube
Martyn Crucefix – East-running road / Boy-racer
Marvin Thompson – The one in which my children discuss jazz while we set out to watch The Lego Batman Movie in Blackwood / The one in which I contemplate The Handmaid’s Tale TV series whilst exiting the cinema’s Art Deco doors
Matthew Stewart – Home comforts / Twenty years apart / The ex
Marc Brightside – Still / Reverence
Mary Noonan – Virgin of the Rocks
Mel Pettitt – Mermaid / Man Found in Cemetery at Dawn
Mike Gallagher – The English Papers
Momtaza Mehri – Bars Bars Bars / Mouthwash
Nafeesa Hamid – Shades of woman / Instruction manual on giving birth / Man of the house
Nancy Campbell – Sonnet Fatigue / The Wanderer
Nick Sorensen – Let All the Bells of London Sing!
Pat Edwards – The Gathering / The Green Man
Paul Stephenson – The Barbecue (Royal Wedding, 1981)
Penelope Shuttle – by the hoar rock in the drowned wood / clad me naked
Peter O’Grady – The Dress
Peter Raynard – Redefining Progress / Placebo Addict
Pey Pey Oh – The Fox Fairy / Aunt Boudicca
Polly Atkin – Imaging / Slitting the vein
Purabi Bhattacharya – Then I was not the antagonist in your fiction / hydrangea
Raymond Antrobus – Scratched Light
Rachel Bower – Foaling
Ramona Herdman – Night heart / Kitchen spider
Romalyn Ante – Patis / Destined / Last Offices
Roy Marshall – Trace / Sterile field
Rebecca Parfitt – Changing Room
Rhiannon Auriol – Pink Cream / A3 Feeling In The Eyes
Richard Price – Personality Test (with worked examples) / Electric Piano
Richard Skinner – The Cloud of Unknowing / The Malvern Aviator / Quantum Sheep / The Unbearable Lightness of Being
Richie McCaffery – Double Dutch / Brick
Robert Peake – Letter to the Last Megafauna / Village Panto
Rosie Miles – Bench / Making Christmas
Rowena Knight – Catastrophe
Roy McFarlane – Papers / Conversation / David Oluwale, 1969 / Joy Gardner, 1993
Ruth Stacey – Bullet / Watching Maude Adams
Sally Douglas – The Night I See Myself / The City of Courage
Samuel Tongue – Thirst
Sarah Crewe – 25B / lime street (generic girl poet) / gloria
Sasha Dugdale – Ironing the Spider
Seán Hewitt – Kyrie
Sepideh Jodeyri – On the lifeside
Shauna Robertson – How To Have Your Baby and Eat It / Unsleeplessness
Simon Costello – TV
Sophie Herxheimer – Mother in Heaven / Siren Dahlias in the Park
Susan Utting – The Bathers of the Ladies’ Pond / I sometimes speak  / Tiger in the National Gallery after Henri Rousseau’s “Surprised!”
Suzannah Evans – Summer with Robobees / We just passed on the street / The End of the End of the World
Suzanne Iuppa – Gweneira / Little Delivery
Thomas Stewart – real boy
Tom Sastry – Normalisation / The age of innocence / Smart city
Tristram Fane Saunders – Poem in which there are hooves / Orpheus
Vicky Morris – Lounge / Us
Victoria Adukwei Bulley – The Unbelievable
Victoria Kennefick – Cork Schoolgirl Considers the GPO O’Connell Street, Dublin 2016
Warda Yassin – Graduation
Wendy French – This Way or That / O
Wendy Pratt – October 4th 2003 / Diagnosis / Embryo Transfer
Will Harris – Eyewitness Travel / Self-portrait in front of a small mirror
Yomi Sode – The Outing
Yvonne Reddick – Translating Mountains from the Gaelic / Solo (For ‘Jags’)