Index 2017

List of poems and poets featured on this site 2017 onwards

Abegail Morley – Assembling
Adam Wyeth – Aisling
Adam Warne – Vandal / Buckle
Angela Carr – Silently, The Women Waited
Ann Leahy – Beyond the Pale
Aoife Lyall – Dublin Puzzle
Beth McDonough – Posted in stone, O’Connell Street
Carol Caffrey – Dair Ghaelach (Irish Oak)
David Atkinson – Keep Digging
David Butler – Comhrá na Tríonóide / Trinity Colloquy
David Cooke – The Wren Boy
Degna Stone – Blackface / Weighing of the Heart
Chaucer Cameron – Praise Be to Unexpected Ways
Claire Askew – The lucky little girls
Clarissa Aykroyd – Holmes in Florence / Sherlock Holmes in Antarctica
Eleanor Hooker – Songs of the Sea
Finola Scott – Door to door, Belfast 1969
Fiona Larkin – My Mother’s Reserve
Geraldine Snape – Armagh Tellings
Ian Humphreys – High Society
Jacqueline Saphra – All My Mad Mothers / Virginity
Jean O’Brien – Skinny Dipping
Jennifer Lee Tsai – Breathing / The Valley Spirit Never Dies
Joel M Toledo – Ruin / Boomerang / Noah’s Couplets
Joey Connolly – A Restaurant / Pacing
John Challis – Horses in Upton Park / Arcade Britannia
Kate Noakes – Salomé in the mirror / Penelope: identity theft
Kathy Pimlott – The Rookery Redux / Makeshift
Laura McKee – Finn MacCool offers his thumb
Maggie Sawkins – Destination: Port of New York, 23 December 1929
Martyn Crucefix – East-running road / Boy-racer
Matthew Stewart – Home comforts / Twenty years apart / The ex
Mary Noonan – Virgin of the Rocks
Mike Gallagher – The English Papers
Momtaza Mehri – Bars Bars Bars / Mouthwash
Nancy Campbell – Sonnet Fatigue / The Wanderer
Pey Pey Oh – The Fox Fairy / Aunt Boudicca
Raymond Antrobus – Scratched Light
Roy McFarlane – Papers
Sally Douglas – The Night I See Myself / The City of Courage
Seán Hewitt – Kyrie
Susan Utting – The Bathers of the Ladies’ Pond / I sometimes speak
Victoria Kennefick – Cork Schoolgirl Considers the GPO O’Connell Street, Dublin 2016
Yomi Sode – The Outing