Index 2012 – 2016

List of poems and poets featured on this site 2012 – 2016

Abegail Morley – Her story
Adam Horovitz – Fire-voices
Adham Smart – Sugar is people too
Afric McGlinchey – The gate
Agnes Marton – Furaibo, Parting
Ailsa Holland – Two poems: English Fern / Most Foul
Aki Schilz – The Fall / Moth (Buffering)
Alan Buckley – Gravity
Alasdair Paterson – Age of gold / Age of bronze / Coastal path around some lines by Lee Harwood
Aled Thomas – Hazel
Alex Bell – Julep
Ali Thurm – Home birth / Newborn
Alison Brackenbury – Uprooted / Falling down, falling down
Alison Lock – Piano Lesson
Allison McVety – Going Back to Charlotte Street / Finlandia / Making a Show
Alvin Pang – Two poems and some haiku: Familiar / In the End / Untitled Haiku / Religion
Alwyn Marriage – Stone circle
Amali Rodrigo – Two poems: GaZeBo / Okapi
Amy Ekins – We’ll stick a pin in it
Amy Key – Fox’s Eye
Amy McCauley – Avocado / No, Mon Amour
Andres Rojas – Curiosity
Andrew Bailey – Thames Salmon
Andrew Forster – Power / Humphrey Head
Andrew F Giles – Astrology / Monsoon / A battlefield of lovers / Consider Willie Donaldson
Andrew McMillan – nothing
Andrew Rudd – Isla and Baby Jesus
Andrew Sclater – Three poems
Angela France – The Visit
Angela Readman – Hunting Elmer Fudd / Rose Petal Jelly
Angela Topping – In Kew Gardens
Anita Pati – Mal / The Tale of Wilbur’s Victorian Sewage Pumps
Anja Konig – We are the Bees of the Invisible / Triple Negative
Anna Wigley – The Aran
Ann Leahy – The Kaleidoscope My Big Brother Gave Me
Anna-May Laugher – Degas Wants to Paint Me Ironing / McQueen’s Dress
Anthony Wilson – Borderline / Teaching Writing Theory / Poem Beginning With a Line by John Ash / Poem Beginning With a Line by Eve Merriam / In Oregon
Aviva Dautch – Ghazal / Moorish Home
Barbara Smith – One of Each
Ben Banyard – Pineapple as a metaphor for life
Ben Parker – One Place / Ornithology / Traces
Bethany Pope – The Vixen in the Grass
Bill Dohan – Despite Contact
Bill Greenwell – Scold / One afternoon
Bill Herbert – The Babies
Breda Wall Ryan – Hope is the Deadliest Sin / The Snow Woman
Brendan Cleary – Two poems: Not yet / Lasagne
Brett Evans – Scarecrow / Poem for Larry McMurtry
Brian Evans-Jones – Models
Brian Johnstone – The Commonplace / Two poems from The Book of Belongings
C. Murray – i and the Village / Two poems: Lillies of the Field / Unrelated Images Sequence
Carlos López Beltrán – Una gacela lorquiana
Carole Bromley – Winding the Clocks / Rendezvous / The Walk / Whistling on the in breath / Here’s why / Beningbrough Hall
Caroline Smith – Citizenship Ceremony
Carolyn Jess-Cooke – Three poems about Josephine Butler
Carrie Etter – Seven and Ten / Three poems from Imagined Sons / Conception / Recognition / Leaning with Torque
Catherine Graham – Two poems: Dancing with Angels / She Wishes For A Poem By Yuri Zhivago
Catherine Ayres – What my grandfather sees at 90
Catherine Edmunds – The Dark Smoothness of an Old Revolver
Char March – Another box of nipples arrived today
Charlotte Eichler – Survivors
Charlotte Gann – Picturehouse
Cheryl Moskowitz – Nachteule / Jasmine Street
Chimera Lay – Two poems: The cake / Safe
Choman Hardi – The songs
Chris Raetschus – June 1968
Chrissie Gittins – Registrar
Claire Dyer – Two poems: French Lessons / Ways of Leaving
Claire Trévien – Whales / Ys, Ys
Claire Walker – Animal Guess Who / Broken Biscuits
Clare Best – Three poems from Excisions: Knowing the prognosis / My father’s thesaurus / Family walk
Clarissa Aykroyd – The Worst Journey in the World / Winter
Cliff Yates – Chez Marianne
Clifford Forde – Sunday Afternoon at the Pictures
Colin Dardis – Cinnabar / Scavenge / Marathon
Colin Will – Plotkin’s cat / Blame Dr Beeching / An invitation
Conor Kelly – Poem in translation: The Point of Flame (Pointe de flame by Jules Supervielle)
Cristina Navazo-Eguía Newton – Kissing / Hondo
Cutter Streeby – What I’ll do if she leaves me
Dan O’Brien – Three poems (two from War Reporter and one new poem)
/ The War Reporter Paul Watson and the Room across the Hall
Dan Stathers – Yellow Man
Daniel Sluman – After the Wedding / feeding the bed / streetlamps
David Andrew – All Day, the Rain / Matisse: the Parakeet and the Mermaid
David Coldwell – Clocks
David Cooke – Faro / To the Lighthouse
David Kennedy – Two poems from a project on Cézanne
David Lukens – A Circular Life
David Morley – Five poems from The Gypsy and The Poet / Ballad of the Moon, Moon
David Pollard – Vincent van Gogh (With Bandaged Ear) / Clay
David Tait – Talisman / The Stars and the Dragon / Constellation #2 / Peach Sake (桃太郎)
David O’Hanlon – Cusp
Davina Allison – Heloise at the Oratory
Dawn Gorman – The Bird Room
Dean Atta – April Evening in Cyprus / Vegans Inc.
Doireann Ní Ghríofa – Museum / Frozen Food
Dom Bury – Snow Country
Don Share – On loving a dragon
Dorothy Lehane – The Nudist Beach
Dzifa Benson – The Counterplayer Gazes In and Lives to Play the Tale
Edward Doegar – Something Understood
Eileen Sheehan – dangerous weather / My Father, Long Dead / Guardian
Éireann Lorsung – England, or the continent I had in mind when I came here
Eleanor Hooker – Two poems: Mirrored / Insight (i.m. Michael Hartnett)
Elinor Brooks – Lines from the Creek
Elizabeth Barrett – Good things happened on that day also
Elizabeth Rimmer – Stand in the Light
Emma Lee – Two poems: Photographing a Ghost / What they didn’t take / Not turning the light on
Emma Simon – Plait
Emily Blewitt – This Is Not a Rescue / We Broke Up
Esther Morgan – Vermeer’s Milk Maid
Fiona Larkin – L’Esprit de l’Escalier
Fiona Moore – Fox on the garden shed roof / In our Hearts / Poem for a friend
Florence Lenaers – On Laundry Day
George Szirtes – Hunger
Geraldine Clarkson – This Heart / Three Young Surrealist Women Holding in their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra / The Dancers on Graves / Rebelade / Breaking her fast
Geraldine Green – Cracked ice
Gill McEvoy – Kingfisher, Bachelors Bridge, Caldy Valley, Chester / Derek Jarman’s Film “Blue” / Cat with the Cream
Gillian Prew – Birds/Untitled / A Wound’s Sound / “restlessly, driven by leaves”
Gordon Gibson – Whale
Graham Clifford – Shorn
Gregory Leadbetter – Masts / Feather / Black-Necked Grebe / / Imp
Grevel Lindop – Cosmos
Hannah Lowe – R x / Ship-breaking
Harry Man – Ultrasound / Re-entry of the First American in Space
Heidi Williamson – Sequence of three poems from Electric Shadow
Helen Ivory – Of Rocks and Pebbles: A Lesson in Geography / Three collage poems
Helen Mort – First Meetings
Hilaire – Two poems: The Pianist / Objets Trouvés / The Data Quality Analyst’s Lot
Hilda Sheehan – The Parting
Hugh Dunkerley – First Contact / The Eel
Ian Duhig – The Irish Slave / A Lorca Gacela / Half the Story
Ian McMillan – The Oldest Paperboy in the World and Me
Imogen Forster – Damascus, August 2013/ Dancer after ‘Girl Ballerina’ by Yinka Shonibare / At the Station
Isabel Galleymore – Harvest
Isabel Rogers – Memento Mori
Isobel Dixon – Kudu Watch
Ivy Alvarez – Chamuel / Horse-drawn slave
J. A. Sutherland – An Artifice
JT Welsch – Three poems
Jack Little – Swimming Lessons / Night sky
Jackie Wills – Day of rest
Jacqueline Saphra – Internet Shopping / Hampstead 1979 / Getting into Trouble
Jacquelyn Pope – Paused / Strayed
Jacqui Rowe – Airfix / Peculiar Music
Jane Burn – Ogre’s Burrito
Jane Clarke – Winter / White Fields / January / The Finest Specimen / Her Own
Jane Commane – Seven Horse Secrets / Odds On
Jane Weir – Five poems
Janet Rogerson – Below See-Level / Them / A bad influence girl
Jasmine Donahaye – Our Sad Captain or Liam Cunningham’s Middle-aged Ladies Admirers Club / Objectification
Jean Atkin – George Aiken’s Map, 1846 / Lost and Found at the Palacio de Peña / A Brock Geology
Jennifer Wong – Anatomy / Mother and Child / fire
Jenny Lewis – Extract from ‘After Gilgamesh’
Jeremy Wikeley – First the Music and then the Words
Jessica Mookherjee – The Liar / The Milk
Jessica Traynor – Three poems
Jill Abram – Chasing Rainbows
Jill Sharp – Jam doughnut
Jill Munro – Woolf Wrote in Purple Ink
Jo Bell – Crates / Sequence of seven poems / Kith / Given
Jo Haslam – Woodbine
Joanne Key – The Red Shoes
Joanna Grigg – Traditional Crafts in Rural Areas
Jonathan Davidson – Atrocity / A Lady Cyclist Learns to Cycle
Jonathan Pinnock – Pants Outside Trousers, Big Letter H On T Shirt, Here To Save The World
Jonathan Taylor – Exposition du Système du Monde
John Foggin – A pibroch for (MacCaig) / Daedalus / Colouring in
John Glenday – Now Read On
John Greening – Three poems from Iceland Requiem / To Ivor Gurney
John McCullough – Lichen / Heart of Brighton / Two poems from Spacecraft
John Siddique – Love and the Body / Orpheus as a Child / Rose
John W Sexton – Two poems: Bog Asphodel / Comb
Josephine Corcoran – Honeymoon
Josephine Dickinson – Transformations
Jude Cowan-Montague – Morning Walk
Judy Brown – We Prayed for a Man Without a Beard
Julia Webb – Clearing Out Mum
Julian Turner – The Seal People
Julie Maclean – U plain
Julie Mellor – The Moment
K.S. Moore – Shiver
Kaddy Benyon – Communion / Two poems
Karen McCarthy Woolf – Tasting Note for Grief #17
Kate Dempsey – Two poems: Mash / What To Do With My Ashes
Kate Hendry – Sibling Love
Kate Noakes – Three poems: Fete de la musique / Pandora / Recipe
Kate Scott – Some afternoons
Kate Wakeling – Tacit
Kate Wise – Llandudno
Katherine Stansfield – Amy, how to write poems
Kathryn Gray – Nostalgia / The Winter After / These Things I Carry
Kathryn Maris – Will You Be My Friend, Kate Moss?
Kathy Pimlott – Five Unusual Things
Katrina Naomi – Charlotte Bronte’s Corset / Lunchtime Recital, with Animals / Letter to my Mother
Ken Evans – In Zero Gravity / The Kidney Consultant’s Hairclip
Ken Taylor – first the trees, now this
Kenneth Keating – Rhizome
Kevin Graham – Poem for Oscar with Stars in it
Kevin Reid – They Said It Would Change
Kim Moore – The Ferryman / How I Abandoned My Body To His Keeping
Kona Macphee – Poem for Lily Song
Lamorna Elmer – Recovery / Star / Building
Laura McKee – rain / the sweat bee
Lawrence Schimel – poems in translation The Great Atlas of the Human Body (Care Santos), Somewhere (Jordi Doce)
Leah Umansky – I Heard the Sparrows Aging / It’s Nice To Be Understood, Right?
Lesley Ingram – The Pale Horse
Lesley Martin – Three Churches (sequence)
Lesley Quayle – December 2010 / Gold / The Gatherer
Lisa Kelly – Six Perspectives on Lilian Kjærulff
Linda Black – Three poems from ‘Root’
Liz Berry – When I Was A Boy
Lizz Murphy – Ain’t She Sweet
Lizzy Dijeh – The Last Supper in Grand Asaba
Louisa Adjoa Parker – Yellow Sheets / Forest-child
Luke Kennard – Leather-Bound Road
M.J. Oliver – Bliss in Capetown, 1921
Madeline Parsons – Helen, Setting Matters Straight
Maggie Sawkins – The Cord
Maitreyabandhu – The Chest of Drawers
Maria Isakova Bennett – Adrift / Loch Súilí
Maria Taylor – Mr Hill / In Love / Hypothetical / Tracing Orion / Ferry / Anna of The Fisheries / The Landfills of Heaven / The Invisible Man
Marie Naughton – Before Her Diagnosis / Afterthought / Still
Marilyn Francis – Three poems: Tilford / Rhubarbarum / Time-element
Marion McCready – Child / Three poems from Vagabond Voices: Degas’ The Tub / September is Not the Birth of Things / Heartbeat
Marion Tracy – Circular Breathing / Blog of the Ninth Lady, Stanton Moor
Mark Fiddes – Laminations I
Mark Granier – Keys / Bamboo / Woodcut / Feathers
Mark Robinson – Two poems: Primary / Going / A confession
Mark Russell – For Harry, Wilma & Queen George / A Curious Choice
Mark Totterdell – Leaf / First Great Western
Martin Figura – The Machine Shop Broadmoor Hospital /
Four poems from Arthur
Martin Malone – Wood On The Downs / Prodigals: Four Sonnets
Martyn Crucefix – Three poems from the Daodejing
Mary Noonan – The Moths / Into the Night
Mat Riches – Willard Wigan
Matt Haigh – The Four Seasons as Husband
Matt Merritt – Two poems: The Mind’s Skyline / The Dark Ages
Matthew Stewart – Formica
Maurice Devitt – The Joy of Sets / First Days of Winter / Winter Landscape
Max Wallis – Minor Hours
Michael Bartholomew-Biggs – Bredon Hill
Michael Brown – Water lilies / The Exhibits at Helmsley Castle
Michael Scott – Two poems: My Dad painted by Francis Bacon / Holding Richard’s Hand
Michael Stewart – The World is Moving Closer to its Sun
Michael Wagg – Hutong Song / Bicycle Song
Michaela Ridgway – This year
Michael Rosen – Don’t Mention the Children
Michelle McGrane – Things that a Bond Girl should never leave home without
Miranda Peake – Aquarius
Miranda Yates – The People We Meet In Dreams
Mona Arshi – Ghazal / The Daughters / Cousin Migrant
Moniza Alvi – Two extracts from At the Time of Partition
Morgan Harlow – Three poems: Starlings / Under the Trees / Seasonal Changes
N J Hynes – Ode to a Flat Earth
Natalie Shaw – How to tell your son he has no friends / Hera at Triyoga / Eleven days
Natalya Anderson – Dinner Party / The Woman in Clericals
Niall Campbell – Window, Honley / The Water-Carrier / I Started
Niall Firth – A remarkable life / Initiation
Nichola Deane – Towards Suaineabhal
Nick Makoha – Two poems: Stone / Promise to my unborn son
Nikki Magennis – Before Epiphany, 1946 / To the Ghost of Sylvia Plath
Nuala Ní Chonchúir – Two poems: The Lunar Spread / Anger
Olivia Dawson – Legacy / Mantelpiece
Olivia McCannon – Mrs Elizabeth Freak and Baby Mary
Pam Thompson – Her Grown-Up Dress / Resurrection
Pascale Petit – Embrace of the Electric Eel
Pat Winslow – Storm
Patrick Deeley – Three poems
Patrick Williamson – Handiwork
Paul Adrian – Lldánach
Paul Bavister – Physio
Paul Casey – The Speed of Cat’s Eyes
Paul Stephenson – Deathflake
Pedro Serrano – Una gacela lorquiana
Penelope Shuttle – Two poems: Long Man / Journey / Langspiel / Along the great moon
Peter Daniels – Regulars / The Expedition
Peter Kenny – Ophelia
Petra Kamula – The butcher’s daughter
Philip Gross – Appearances
Pippa Little – Solstice / Two poems
Polly Atkin – Two poems: In the Stairwell / Pistachios
R. A. Villanueva – Two poems from Reliquaria
Rachel Plummer – The Iron Children
Raymond Antrobus – Status / His Heart
Rebecca Bird – Progression / Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle
Rebecca Gethin – In a disused game-keeper’s hut / Renny – 1961 / gathering
Rebecca Goss – Repossession / Ants / The Woman, A Coat And Her Behaviour
Richard Gwyn – The poet in Samos
Richard O’Brien – Two poems: National Moth Night / …and other games of physical skill
Richard Price – A stepladder in a white room / Safekeeping
Richard Skinner – Two poems from the light user scheme
Richie McCaffery – The truth so far / Wallet / Legend / Robin and wren / The white horse / Back for Christmas
Rishi Dastidar – Toad gives a lecture / The anniversary issue / The last neon sign maker in Hong Kong / The remembering business
Robert Harper – silent summer
Robert Peake – Koi Pond
Robin Houghton – Container
Roger Robinson – Sleep / The Ever Changing Dot
Ron Carey – Among Men / In the House of Lazarus
Rosie Blagg – Three poems: A Beginner’s Guide to the Formal and Informal Use of ‘You’ / Hotel Life / Dust
Rosie Breese – Red Rose City
Rosie Jackson – Two poems: Resurrection / Hilda, Unity and Dolls / The Light Box
Rowyda Amin – Two poems: Desert Sunflowers / Night Work
Roy Marshall – Instant Karma / Dying Arts / Blackbird in Winter / Bonjour Tristesse
Roy Moller – Ballad of the Cast-Off Cards
Roz Goddard – Christopher
Ruby Robinson – Tuning Fork
Ruth McIlroy – Guppy Primer
Salena Godden – The Saturday Shift
Sally Evans – Seeds / The Sleeping Poet
Samuel Tongue – On a carrier pigeon found dead in a chimney
Santino Prinzi – Full Circle
Sarah Barr – Crane Flies
Sarah Doyle – Rhyme Royale Sequence for Lady Macbeth
Sarah Fletcher – The Fathoms
Sarah Hymas – Excerpt from ‘Lune’
Sarah James – The Un-Niceness of Nice
Sarah Salway – Through Carved Wooden Binoculars
Sarah Sibley – Ship’s Desk
Sasha Dugdale – (Pasternak translations): February / March
Seraphima Kennedy – If you Hear it Thunder don’t run Under a Tree
Shanta Acharya – Infinity of Red
Sharon Black – House of Swan / On the Fence
Sheenagh Pugh – Different Corridors / Letter to Dr Johnson
Shirley Wright – Longing
Siegfried Baber – The Law of the Playground
Simon Barraclough – Celeriac Heart / A poem from ‘Sunspots’
Sohini Basak – They have more to say / the stains on the tablecloth are trying to say something
Stav Poleg – Birth / Leaving London
Stephen Bone – Three poems: Pedicurist / Story / Lamp
Stephen Boyce – Two Step / Marking the Place / Worlds Apart
Stephen Daniels – Wordslast
Stephen Elves – Moorings / Tamesis / Warning: When I Am An Old Man I Shall Wear Walnut
Stephen Payne – Two poems: Dyslexia / Sun Dogs
Stephanie Green – Two poems from ‘Flout’: Wind Dog / Ultima Thule
Stephanie Norgate – Miracle
Stevie Ronnie – Mammy’s Dress
Stuart Mckenzie – Earplugs / The Dead Weight of Beauty
Sue Hubbard – Churchyard
Susan Utting – Giving up Mirrors
Suzannah Evans – De-Extinction
Tania Hershman – Moss / Baby in a jar / Body / Pulled / 1 & 2 / And What We Know About Time
Terry Quinn – Teahouse on the Hill, Lincoln
Tess Barry – White Girl’s Sonnet for Barack Obama / Finding My Bearings in Picasso’s Blue Period
Theophilus Kwek – Witness / Höfn
Theresa Muñoz – Bus
Tim Dooley – February
Tim O’Leary – Walking to the Bridge
Tom Wiggins – Bookshop
Tony Williams – Helgafell
Vanessa Gebbie – Beara Litany
Vicki Feaver – Bufo Bufo / You are not / The Witches
Victoria Kennefick – Rib / Haruspex / Lighthouse
Vona Groarke – For the Unkept House
Wendy Klein – A Short Manhattan Lullaby, 1939Tracking the wolf / Two poems from Mood Indigo
Wendy Pratt – Haunted / God Creates Dog
William Bedford – Dowsing / Early Arrival / The Bell
William Thirsk-Gaskill – My Life As A Film
Yvonne Green – Jews (I.M. of Czesław Miłosz) / Our Food / My Father’s Room
Zelda Chappel – Flesh / Girl in the dog-tooth coat
Zoe Mitchell – Séance

See also these Special Features including holiday-themed poems and poems about horses!

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