Index 2012 – 2016

List of poems and poets featured on this site 2012 – 2016

Abegail Morley – Her story
Adam Horovitz – Fire-voices
Adham Smart – Sugar is people too
Afric McGlinchey – The gate
Agnes Marton – Furaibo, Parting
Ailsa Holland – Two poems: English Fern / Most Foul
Aki Schilz – The Fall / Moth (Buffering)
Alan Buckley – Gravity
Alasdair Paterson – Age of gold / Age of bronze / Coastal path around some lines by Lee Harwood
Aled Thomas – Hazel
Alex Bell – Julep
Ali Thurm – Home birth / Newborn
Alison Brackenbury – Uprooted / Falling down, falling down
Alison Lock – Piano Lesson
Allison McVety – Going Back to Charlotte Street / Finlandia / Making a Show
Alvin Pang – Two poems and some haiku: Familiar / In the End / Untitled Haiku / Religion
Alwyn Marriage – Stone circle
Amali Rodrigo – Two poems: GaZeBo / Okapi
Amy Ekins – We’ll stick a pin in it
Amy Key – Fox’s Eye
Amy McCauley – Avocado / No, Mon Amour
Andres Rojas – Curiosity
Andrew Bailey – Thames Salmon
Andrew Forster – Power / Humphrey Head
Andrew F Giles – Astrology / Monsoon / A battlefield of lovers / Consider Willie Donaldson
Andrew McMillan – nothing
Andrew Rudd – Isla and Baby Jesus
Andrew Sclater – Three poems
Angela France – The Visit
Angela Readman – Hunting Elmer Fudd / Rose Petal Jelly
Angela Topping – In Kew Gardens
Anita Pati – Mal / The Tale of Wilbur’s Victorian Sewage Pumps
Anja Konig – We are the Bees of the Invisible / Triple Negative
Anna Wigley – The Aran
Ann Leahy – The Kaleidoscope My Big Brother Gave Me
Anna-May Laugher – Degas Wants to Paint Me Ironing / McQueen’s Dress
Anthony Wilson – Borderline / Teaching Writing Theory / Poem Beginning With a Line by John Ash / Poem Beginning With a Line by Eve Merriam / In Oregon
Aviva Dautch – Ghazal / Moorish Home
Barbara Smith – One of Each
Ben Banyard – Pineapple as a metaphor for life
Ben Parker – One Place / Ornithology / Traces
Bethany Pope – The Vixen in the Grass
Bill Dohan – Despite Contact
Bill Greenwell – Scold / One afternoon
Bill Herbert – The Babies
Breda Wall Ryan – Hope is the Deadliest Sin / The Snow Woman
Brendan Cleary – Two poems: Not yet / Lasagne
Brett Evans – Scarecrow / Poem for Larry McMurtry
Brian Evans-Jones – Models
Brian Johnstone – The Commonplace / Two poems from The Book of Belongings
C. Murray – i and the Village / Two poems: Lillies of the Field / Unrelated Images Sequence
Carlos López Beltrán – Una gacela lorquiana
Carole Bromley – Winding the Clocks / Rendezvous / The Walk / Whistling on the in breath / Here’s why / Beningbrough Hall
Caroline Smith – Citizenship Ceremony
Carolyn Jess-Cooke – Three poems about Josephine Butler
Carrie Etter – Seven and Ten / Three poems from Imagined Sons / Conception / Recognition / Leaning with Torque
Catherine Graham – Two poems: Dancing with Angels / She Wishes For A Poem By Yuri Zhivago
Catherine Ayres – What my grandfather sees at 90
Catherine Edmunds – The Dark Smoothness of an Old Revolver
Char March – Another box of nipples arrived today
Charlotte Eichler – Survivors
Charlotte Gann – Picturehouse
Cheryl Moskowitz – Nachteule / Jasmine Street
Chimera Lay – Two poems: The cake / Safe
Choman Hardi – The songs
Chris Raetschus – June 1968
Chrissie Gittins – Registrar
Claire Dyer – Two poems: French Lessons / Ways of Leaving
Claire Trévien – Whales / Ys, Ys
Claire Walker – Animal Guess Who / Broken Biscuits
Clare Best – Three poems from Excisions: Knowing the prognosis / My father’s thesaurus / Family walk
Clarissa Aykroyd – The Worst Journey in the World / Winter
Cliff Yates – Chez Marianne
Clifford Forde – Sunday Afternoon at the Pictures
Colin Dardis – Cinnabar / Scavenge / Marathon
Colin Will – Plotkin’s cat / Blame Dr Beeching / An invitation
Conor Kelly – Poem in translation: The Point of Flame (Pointe de flame by Jules Supervielle)
Cristina Navazo-Eguía Newton – Kissing / Hondo
Cutter Streeby – What I’ll do if she leaves me
Dan O’Brien – Three poems (two from War Reporter and one new poem)
/ The War Reporter Paul Watson and the Room across the Hall
Dan Stathers – Yellow Man
Daniel Sluman – After the Wedding / feeding the bed / streetlamps
David Andrew – All Day, the Rain / Matisse: the Parakeet and the Mermaid
David Coldwell – Clocks
David Cooke – Faro / To the Lighthouse
David Kennedy – Two poems from a project on Cézanne
David Lukens – A Circular Life
David Morley – Five poems from The Gypsy and The Poet / Ballad of the Moon, Moon
David Pollard – Vincent van Gogh (With Bandaged Ear) / Clay
David Tait – Talisman / The Stars and the Dragon / Constellation #2 / Peach Sake (桃太郎)
David O’Hanlon – Cusp
Davina Allison – Heloise at the Oratory
Dawn Gorman – The Bird Room
Dean Atta – April Evening in Cyprus / Vegans Inc.
Doireann Ní Ghríofa – Museum / Frozen Food
Dom Bury – Snow Country
Don Share – On loving a dragon
Dorothy Lehane – The Nudist Beach
Dzifa Benson – The Counterplayer Gazes In and Lives to Play the Tale
Edward Doegar – Something Understood
Eileen Sheehan – dangerous weather / My Father, Long Dead / Guardian
Éireann Lorsung – England, or the continent I had in mind when I came here
Eleanor Hooker – Two poems: Mirrored / Insight (i.m. Michael Hartnett)
Elinor Brooks – Lines from the Creek
Elizabeth Barrett – Good things happened on that day also
Elizabeth Rimmer – Stand in the Light
Emma Lee – Two poems: Photographing a Ghost / What they didn’t take / Not turning the light on
Emma Simon – Plait
Emily Blewitt – This Is Not a Rescue / We Broke Up
Esther Morgan – Vermeer’s Milk Maid
Fiona Larkin – L’Esprit de l’Escalier
Fiona Moore – Fox on the garden shed roof / In our Hearts / Poem for a friend
Florence Lenaers – On Laundry Day
George Szirtes – Hunger
Geraldine Clarkson – This Heart / Three Young Surrealist Women Holding in their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra / The Dancers on Graves / Rebelade / Breaking her fast
Geraldine Green – Cracked ice
Gill McEvoy – Kingfisher, Bachelors Bridge, Caldy Valley, Chester / Derek Jarman’s Film “Blue” / Cat with the Cream
Gillian Prew – Birds/Untitled / A Wound’s Sound / “restlessly, driven by leaves”
Gordon Gibson – Whale
Graham Clifford – Shorn
Gregory Leadbetter – Masts / Feather / Black-Necked Grebe / / Imp
Grevel Lindop – Cosmos
Hannah Lowe – R x / Ship-breaking
Harry Man – Ultrasound / Re-entry of the First American in Space
Heidi Williamson – Sequence of three poems from Electric Shadow
Helen Ivory – Of Rocks and Pebbles: A Lesson in Geography / Three collage poems
Helen Mort – First Meetings
Hilaire – Two poems: The Pianist / Objets Trouvés / The Data Quality Analyst’s Lot
Hilda Sheehan – The Parting
Hugh Dunkerley – First Contact / The Eel
Ian Duhig – The Irish Slave / A Lorca Gacela / Half the Story
Ian McMillan – The Oldest Paperboy in the World and Me
Imogen Forster – Damascus, August 2013/ Dancer after ‘Girl Ballerina’ by Yinka Shonibare / At the Station
Isabel Galleymore – Harvest
Isabel Rogers – Memento Mori
Isobel Dixon – Kudu Watch
Ivy Alvarez – Chamuel / Horse-drawn slave
J. A. Sutherland – An Artifice
JT Welsch – Three poems
Jack Little – Swimming Lessons / Night sky
Jackie Wills – Day of rest
Jacqueline Saphra – Internet Shopping / Hampstead 1979 / Getting into Trouble
Jacquelyn Pope – Paused / Strayed
Jacqui Rowe – Airfix / Peculiar Music
Jane Burn – Ogre’s Burrito
Jane Clarke – Winter / White Fields / January / The Finest Specimen / Her Own
Jane Commane – Seven Horse Secrets / Odds On
Jane Weir – Five poems
Janet Rogerson – Below See-Level / Them / A bad influence girl
Jasmine Donahaye – Our Sad Captain or Liam Cunningham’s Middle-aged Ladies Admirers Club / Objectification
Jean Atkin – George Aiken’s Map, 1846 / Lost and Found at the Palacio de Peña / A Brock Geology
Jennifer Wong – Anatomy / Mother and Child / fire
Jenny Lewis – Extract from ‘After Gilgamesh’
Jeremy Wikeley – First the Music and then the Words
Jessica Mookherjee – The Liar / The Milk
Jessica Traynor – Three poems
Jill Abram – Chasing Rainbows
Jill Sharp – Jam doughnut
Jill Munro – Woolf Wrote in Purple Ink
Jo Bell – Crates / Sequence of seven poems / Kith / Given
Jo Haslam – Woodbine
Joanne Key – The Red Shoes
Joanna Grigg – Traditional Crafts in Rural Areas
Jonathan Davidson – Atrocity / A Lady Cyclist Learns to Cycle
Jonathan Pinnock – Pants Outside Trousers, Big Letter H On T Shirt, Here To Save The World
Jonathan Taylor – Exposition du Système du Monde
John Foggin – A pibroch for (MacCaig) / Daedalus / Colouring in
John Glenday – Now Read On
John Greening – Three poems from Iceland Requiem / To Ivor Gurney
John McCullough – Lichen / Heart of Brighton / Two poems from Spacecraft
John Siddique – Love and the Body / Orpheus as a Child / Rose
John W Sexton – Two poems: Bog Asphodel / Comb
Josephine Corcoran – Honeymoon
Josephine Dickinson – Transformations
Jude Cowan-Montague – Morning Walk
Judy Brown – We Prayed for a Man Without a Beard
Julia Webb – Clearing Out Mum
Julian Turner – The Seal People
Julie Maclean – U plain
Julie Mellor – The Moment
K.S. Moore – Shiver
Kaddy Benyon – Communion / Two poems
Karen McCarthy Woolf – Tasting Note for Grief #17
Kate Dempsey – Two poems: Mash / What To Do With My Ashes
Kate Hendry – Sibling Love
Kate Noakes – Three poems: Fete de la musique / Pandora / Recipe
Kate Scott – Some afternoons
Kate Wakeling – Tacit
Kate Wise – Llandudno
Katherine Stansfield – Amy, how to write poems
Kathryn Gray – Nostalgia / The Winter After / These Things I Carry
Kathryn Maris – Will You Be My Friend, Kate Moss?
Kathy Pimlott – Five Unusual Things
Katrina Naomi – Charlotte Bronte’s Corset / Lunchtime Recital, with Animals / Letter to my Mother
Ken Evans – In Zero Gravity / The Kidney Consultant’s Hairclip
Ken Taylor – first the trees, now this
Kenneth Keating – Rhizome
Kevin Graham – Poem for Oscar with Stars in it
Kevin Reid – They Said It Would Change
Kim Moore – The Ferryman / How I Abandoned My Body To His Keeping
Kona Macphee – Poem for Lily Song
Lamorna Elmer – Recovery / Star / Building
Laura McKee – rain / the sweat bee
Lawrence Schimel – poems in translation The Great Atlas of the Human Body (Care Santos), Somewhere (Jordi Doce)
Leah Umansky – I Heard the Sparrows Aging / It’s Nice To Be Understood, Right?
Lesley Ingram – The Pale Horse
Lesley Martin – Three Churches (sequence)
Lesley Quayle – December 2010 / Gold / The Gatherer
Lisa Kelly – Six Perspectives on Lilian Kjærulff
Linda Black – Three poems from ‘Root’
Liz Berry – When I Was A Boy
Lizz Murphy – Ain’t She Sweet
Lizzy Dijeh – The Last Supper in Grand Asaba
Louisa Adjoa Parker – Yellow Sheets / Forest-child
Luke Kennard – Leather-Bound Road
M.J. Oliver – Bliss in Capetown, 1921
Madeline Parsons – Helen, Setting Matters Straight
Maggie Sawkins – The Cord
Maitreyabandhu – The Chest of Drawers
Maria Isakova Bennett – Adrift / Loch Súilí
Maria Taylor – Mr Hill / In Love / Hypothetical / Tracing Orion / Ferry / Anna of The Fisheries / The Landfills of Heaven / The Invisible Man
Marie Naughton – Before Her Diagnosis / Afterthought / Still
Marilyn Francis – Three poems: Tilford / Rhubarbarum / Time-element
Marion McCready – Child / Three poems from Vagabond Voices: Degas’ The Tub / September is Not the Birth of Things / Heartbeat
Marion Tracy – Circular Breathing / Blog of the Ninth Lady, Stanton Moor
Mark Fiddes – Laminations I
Mark Granier – Keys / Bamboo / Woodcut / Feathers
Mark Robinson – Two poems: Primary / Going / A confession
Mark Russell – For Harry, Wilma & Queen George / A Curious Choice
Mark Totterdell – Leaf / First Great Western
Martin Figura – The Machine Shop Broadmoor Hospital /
Four poems from Arthur
Martin Malone – Wood On The Downs / Prodigals: Four Sonnets
Martyn Crucefix – Three poems from the Daodejing
Mary Noonan – The Moths / Into the Night
Mat Riches – Willard Wigan
Matt Haigh – The Four Seasons as Husband
Matt Merritt – Two poems: The Mind’s Skyline / The Dark Ages
Matthew Stewart – Formica
Maurice Devitt – The Joy of Sets / First Days of Winter / Winter Landscape
Max Wallis – Minor Hours
Michael Bartholomew-Biggs – Bredon Hill
Michael Brown – Water lilies / The Exhibits at Helmsley Castle
Michael Scott – Two poems: My Dad painted by Francis Bacon / Holding Richard’s Hand
Michael Stewart – The World is Moving Closer to its Sun
Michael Wagg – Hutong Song / Bicycle Song
Michaela Ridgway – This year
Michael Rosen – Don’t Mention the Children
Michelle McGrane – Things that a Bond Girl should never leave home without
Miranda Peake – Aquarius
Miranda Yates – The People We Meet In Dreams
Mona Arshi – Ghazal / The Daughters / Cousin Migrant
Moniza Alvi – Two extracts from At the Time of Partition
Morgan Harlow – Three poems: Starlings / Under the Trees / Seasonal Changes
N J Hynes – Ode to a Flat Earth
Natalie Shaw – How to tell your son he has no friends / Hera at Triyoga / Eleven days
Natalya Anderson – Dinner Party / The Woman in Clericals
Niall Campbell – Window, Honley / The Water-Carrier / I Started
Niall Firth – A remarkable life / Initiation
Nichola Deane – Towards Suaineabhal
Nick Makoha – Two poems: Stone / Promise to my unborn son
Nikki Magennis – Before Epiphany, 1946 / To the Ghost of Sylvia Plath
Nuala Ní Chonchúir – Two poems: The Lunar Spread / Anger
Olivia Dawson – Legacy / Mantelpiece
Olivia McCannon – Mrs Elizabeth Freak and Baby Mary
Pam Thompson – Her Grown-Up Dress / Resurrection
Pascale Petit – Embrace of the Electric Eel
Pat Winslow – Storm
Patrick Deeley – Three poems
Patrick Williamson – Handiwork
Paul Adrian – Lldánach
Paul Bavister – Physio
Paul Casey – The Speed of Cat’s Eyes
Paul Stephenson – Deathflake
Pedro Serrano – Una gacela lorquiana
Penelope Shuttle – Two poems: Long Man / Journey / Langspiel / Along the great moon
Peter Daniels – Regulars / The Expedition
Peter Kenny – Ophelia
Petra Kamula – The butcher’s daughter
Philip Gross – Appearances
Pippa Little – Solstice / Two poems
Polly Atkin – Two poems: In the Stairwell / Pistachios
R. A. Villanueva – Two poems from Reliquaria
Rachel Plummer – The Iron Children
Raymond Antrobus – Status / His Heart
Rebecca Bird – Progression / Some Lovers Try Positions That They Can’t Handle
Rebecca Gethin – In a disused game-keeper’s hut / Renny – 1961 / gathering
Rebecca Goss – Repossession / Ants / The Woman, A Coat And Her Behaviour
Reuben Woolley – icarus breathes
Richard Gwyn – The poet in Samos
Richard O’Brien – Two poems: National Moth Night / …and other games of physical skill
Richard Price – A stepladder in a white room / Safekeeping
Richard Skinner – Two poems from the light user scheme
Richie McCaffery – The truth so far / Wallet / Legend / Robin and wren / The white horse / Back for Christmas
Rishi Dastidar – Toad gives a lecture / The anniversary issue / The last neon sign maker in Hong Kong / The remembering business
Robert Harper – silent summer
Robert Peake – Koi Pond
Robin Houghton – Container
Roger Robinson – Sleep / The Ever Changing Dot
Ron Carey – Among Men / In the House of Lazarus
Rosie Blagg – Three poems: A Beginner’s Guide to the Formal and Informal Use of ‘You’ / Hotel Life / Dust
Rosie Breese – Red Rose City
Rosie Jackson – Two poems: Resurrection / Hilda, Unity and Dolls / The Light Box
Rowyda Amin – Two poems: Desert Sunflowers / Night Work
Roy Marshall – Instant Karma / Dying Arts / Blackbird in Winter / Bonjour Tristesse
Roy Moller – Ballad of the Cast-Off Cards
Roz Goddard – Christopher
Ruby Robinson – Tuning Fork
Ruth McIlroy – Guppy Primer
Salena Godden – The Saturday Shift
Sally Evans – Seeds / The Sleeping Poet
Samuel Tongue – On a carrier pigeon found dead in a chimney
Santino Prinzi – Full Circle
Sarah Barr – Crane Flies
Sarah Doyle – Rhyme Royale Sequence for Lady Macbeth
Sarah Fletcher – The Fathoms
Sarah Hymas – Excerpt from ‘Lune’
Sarah James – The Un-Niceness of Nice
Sarah Salway – Through Carved Wooden Binoculars
Sarah Sibley – Ship’s Desk
Sasha Dugdale – (Pasternak translations): February / March
Seraphima Kennedy – If you Hear it Thunder don’t run Under a Tree
Shanta Acharya – Infinity of Red
Sharon Black – House of Swan / On the Fence
Sheenagh Pugh – Different Corridors / Letter to Dr Johnson
Shirley Wright – Longing
Siegfried Baber – The Law of the Playground
Simon Barraclough – Celeriac Heart / A poem from ‘Sunspots’
Sohini Basak – They have more to say / the stains on the tablecloth are trying to say something
Stav Poleg – Birth / Leaving London
Stephen Bone – Three poems: Pedicurist / Story / Lamp
Stephen Boyce – Two Step / Marking the Place / Worlds Apart
Stephen Daniels – Wordslast
Stephen Elves – Moorings / Tamesis / Warning: When I Am An Old Man I Shall Wear Walnut
Stephen Payne – Two poems: Dyslexia / Sun Dogs
Stephanie Green – Two poems from ‘Flout’: Wind Dog / Ultima Thule
Stephanie Norgate – Miracle
Stevie Ronnie – Mammy’s Dress
Stuart Mckenzie – Earplugs / The Dead Weight of Beauty
Sue Hubbard – Churchyard
Susan Utting – Giving up Mirrors
Suzannah Evans – De-Extinction
Tania Hershman – Moss / Baby in a jar / Body / Pulled / 1 & 2 / And What We Know About Time
Terry Quinn – Teahouse on the Hill, Lincoln
Tess Barry – White Girl’s Sonnet for Barack Obama / Finding My Bearings in Picasso’s Blue Period
Theophilus Kwek – Witness / Höfn
Theresa Muñoz – Bus
Tim Dooley – February
Tim O’Leary – Walking to the Bridge
Tom Wiggins – Bookshop
Tony Williams – Helgafell
Vanessa Gebbie – Beara Litany
Vicki Feaver – Bufo Bufo / You are not / The Witches
Victoria Kennefick – Rib / Haruspex / Lighthouse
Vona Groarke – For the Unkept House
Wendy Klein – A Short Manhattan Lullaby, 1939Tracking the wolf / Two poems from Mood Indigo
Wendy Pratt – Haunted / God Creates Dog
William Bedford – Dowsing / Early Arrival / The Bell
William Thirsk-Gaskill – My Life As A Film
Yvonne Green – Jews (I.M. of Czesław Miłosz) / Our Food / My Father’s Room
Zelda Chappel – Flesh / Girl in the dog-tooth coat
Zoe Mitchell – Séance


More poems to read in these special And Other Poems features:
Waves of Holiday Poems
August 2013. Following an open call for holiday-themed poems, a tremendous response brought the following poems to the And Other Poems inbox.
First Wave of Holiday Poems – Poems by Anna Kisby, E.E. Nobbs, Colin Dardis, Kathryn Maris, Meg Cox, EM Reapy, Jennie Osborne, Colin Will, Rebecca Goss, Ian Duhig.
Another Wave of Holiday Poems – Poems by Rebecca Perry, Amy Key, Stephen Bone, Valerie Morton, Fiona Ritchie Walker, Jonathan Taylor, Jadine Eagle, Sarah James, Wendy Klein, Alison Lock, Karen Dennison.
New Wave of Poems: Holiday poems by Martin Malone, William Stephenson, Richard Skinner, Magda Kapa, Conor Kelly, Carole Bromley, Sue Dymoke, Kate Garrett, Ailsa Holland, Josephine Corcoran.
Final Wave of Holiday Poems: Poems by Allison McVety, Hilaire, Anthony Wilson, Charlotte Gann, Ailsa Holland, Carole Bromley, Kathy Gee, Julie Maclean, Holly Magill, Susan Utting, Abegail Morley.
Poetry in Horses
In 2014, to celebrate the start of the Chinese Year of the Horse, there was an open call for poems inspired by horses. There was an overwhelming response and it was impossible to post all the poems submitted. Here are the 15 poems I selected:
Poetry in Horses – poems by Jean Atkin, Colin Will, Ailsa Holland, Rebecca Gethin, Ken Taylor

More Poetry in Horses – poems by Alan Buckley, Sarah James, Angela France, Lesley Quayle, James Giddings

More Poetry, More Horses – poems by David Morley, Elinor Brooks, Nikki Magennis, EE Nobbs, Angela Readman
You might also like Poetry in Rabbits

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