‘Three Girls’ by Helen Frame

    Three Girls after the BBC three-part drama series of the same name Her skin is powdered moon and her eyes slate roofs at dawn and she’s free as a bike ride in Provence and she’s fifteen like holidays in the sun and bubble gum in pink and yellow wrappers and she’s hitting puberty like cardamom and pomegranate molasses and she’s complex as smoked … Continue reading ‘Three Girls’ by Helen Frame

Two poems by Peter Raynard

    Redefining Progress The land man’s drone hovers over his slavering selection of pigs before their poke. The trough is a circle of pink arses – like a ring of buffet prawns – snuffling at the feed, the filth of mud-stuck trotters in a competition of grunts & steam. My father wedges his pale pink difference between the main hog and its lieutenant. Noshes … Continue reading Two poems by Peter Raynard

Three poems by Tom Sastry

    Normalisation It’s like the old days; a fortnight’s needs in tins under the stairs. The crisis, like the weather is changeable. Some days the shops are full, the power constant. Some days the streets are calm. The news is still earnest nothings, outrage, sport and gossip. They haven’t yet asked for your passwords. The leaves turn. You still have a job. The wild … Continue reading Three poems by Tom Sastry

Three poems by Suzannah Evans

  Three poems from Near Future     Summer with Robobees Those long evenings they giddied in the warm wealth of the oilseed rapefields humidity sensors estimating approaching storms * We picnicked on the lawn in July – shuttlecocks pinged distantly our scones and jam unbothered by the robobees their algorithms danced them between marigolds * Sometimes they get indoors through open windows go from … Continue reading Three poems by Suzannah Evans