Postscript from And Other Poems

The following poems and poets were nominated by And Other Poems for Best Single Poem in the 2019 Forward Prize for Poetry:   Chrissy Banks for ‘Things My Mother Said‘   Sarah Hymas for ‘Whale-boned Corset and Other Relics’   Kathy Pimlott for ‘As You Are 90, I Must Be 65’ I’m extremely pleased to say that Sarah Hymas’ poem ‘Whale-boned Corset and Other Relics’ … Continue reading Postscript from And Other Poems

Two poems by Dan Stathers

    Coconut John I recognise the worn teeth of his rattle-clacker against the Waltzer’s siren. No name in lights or thumping decibels, a row of ugly numbskulls sitting cockeyed on sawdust pedestals. The years have whistled him by, the same shock of silver hair, the puckish smile still spoiling for a dirty joke. Looks like we’ve got a contender he announces, slipping my pound … Continue reading Two poems by Dan Stathers

Two poems by John Wheway

    The Greatcoat My grandmother leaves me a greatcoat made from piano parts – keys stitched in rows like the feathers and wolves’ teeth of a chieftain’s ceremonial mantle. I don’t feel worthy to carry it on my shoulders. Is this Grandma’s reproach for my shirking remote scales and Czerny? But when I fasten the felt-hammer toggles across my chest, late Beethoven cascades from … Continue reading Two poems by John Wheway

‘Standing Up’ by Amlanjyoti Goswami

    Standing Up Head bowed, his ears perked. Eagle-nosed-spectacled, the teacher asks a common class: Was it really the sun that came in through the window? Or was it the sun’s rays? The class sniggers. The sun, he finally lied, defiant About the slanted truth. His failure, reported, circled in red. The long trudge home. And did you have to drink hot tea In … Continue reading ‘Standing Up’ by Amlanjyoti Goswami