Three poems by Geraldine Clarkson

      UNDERLAND (after that man ‘Lewis’) Towards winter solstice, Alice can no longer cope with groping down blind alleys, being groped by creatures she doesn’t comprehend, in places obscure to her. She has issues with size, this human yoyo, no permanence and issues between her thighs, no liniments. No malice. Just a sweet intrinsic no to everything. A refusal to go along. This … Continue reading Three poems by Geraldine Clarkson

‘Ironing the Spider’ by Sasha Dugdale

    Ironing the Spider My most violent act: once ironing a spider. She had climbed between sheets on the ironing board And was resting in the pastel scent of laundry: A large spider, slightly prim, self-assured. I can’t abide violence. I can’t even swat a fly. The death of this meaty widow left a creeping stain And a horror in my throat, like the … Continue reading ‘Ironing the Spider’ by Sasha Dugdale