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Poems in Translation from the archives which you might enjoy.

Alvin Pang – (untitled haiku in Chinese and English) and other poems
‘Monsoon’ by Andrew F Giles after Neruda
‘Ghazal’ after Agha Shahid Ali by Aviva Dautch
Federico García Lorca – Ian Duhig – Carlos López Beltrán & Pedro Serrano – an adventure in translation! Spanish – English – Spanish
‘Winter’ after Rilke by Clarissa Aykroyd
‘Ballad of the Moon, Moon’ after Lorca by David Morley
‘The Eel’ after Montale by Hugh Dunkerley
‘February’ by Sasha Dugdale after Pasternak
Three poems from the Daodejing by Martyn Crucefix
Poems by Care Santos and Jordi Doce translated by Lawrence Schimel