Two poems by Penelope Shuttle


New lamps for old
sang the harp

prepare for sorrow
and snow

for sleeping
on a bare floor

New lamps for old
sang the harp,

be glad to eat alone
in the cold kitchen

to walk by the golden cliff
along the sunlit tide line

Get used to the hard work
of it
sang the harp

silver spoon
in time’s mouth

in your eye

New lamps for old
new lamps

for old
sang the harp
Along the great moon

Along the great moon
comes brassbold dog-tired day
looking for a fight
driven and drifting
by the great everything-is-mine moon
what the eye remembers
is a tear is it?
what the ear recalls
the hand that stung it?
what the street remembers
isn’t true?
(that’s true)
along the great moon
comes the bus brandishing
its red tongue
the river standing for nonsense
The Shard
lovely lovely loverly Shard
goal of all urban climbers
(Alain Robert’s nabbed from the building
before he…)
The Shard
glass mast of tallest sailing ship
jumped-up one
vertical thinker
multi-use Shangri-la
moon’s bitch
(published in In The Snowy Air, Templar, June 2014)
Penelope Shuttle lives in Cornwall. Her most recent publications are UNSENT: New and Selected Poems 1980-2012 (Bloodaxe Books) and In The Snowy Air, an Iota/shots pamphlet (Templar) 2014.